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That’s why Hickman’s Family Farms has been proud to serve our neighbors the freshest, highest quality eggs straight from our local farms to your favorite restaurants and grocery stores since 1944. So whether you like them saucy or scrambled, baked or devilish, four generations of Hickman’s confidently give you our family guarantee: to get eggs any fresher, we’d have to give you the bird.


Why Use Hickman’s Cage Free Eggs?


At Hickman’s Family Farms our hens are FAMILY.

About Us

Hickman’s Family Farms is family owned and has provided fresh eggs since 1944. We’ve grown from of a flock of less than 500 in Grandma Hickman’s back yard.

Food & Water Supplies

Food and water are stored above the ground decreasing risk of contamination  and for the safety of our hens.

Find Our Cage Free Eggs

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We follow the criteria set forth by Humane Farm Animal Care.

Each chicken should have:
• Clean and sufficient food and water.
• Limited stress by living in a humane environment of care.
• Ability to express normal behaviors.
• Living environments with enough space, shelter, resting areas, and company of their own kind. • A healthy life for our chickens is most important to us. A life free from disease or injury aided by rapid diagnoses and treatment.

Types & Uses

Shell / Liquid / Hard-cooked 

Commonly used by restaurants and bakeries, CAGE FREE whole liquid egg products, Hard Cooked, and Shell Eggs make it incredibly easy to serve delicious, fresh tasting egg dishes. As with all of our products, total food safety is assured. This product must be cooked to a
minimum internal temperature of 165°F.
•Our farm fresh shell eggs, liquid eggs and hard cooked eggs are now proudly offered CAGE FREE.


Observes company CEO Glenn Hickman, “The demand for cage free and organic eggs continues to grow in all of our markets, but especially California where California consumers passed Proposition 2. New poultry husbandry rules will increase demand for cage-free eggs even faster. We’re honored to increase our investment in the Colorado agricultural sector, and will continue to increase our cage-free egg production in the future.”

Our Humane Certification

Certification in line with national survey results showing Americans’ overwhelming support for humanely raised food

Washington, D.C., June 19, 2017 – American Humane, the country’s first national humane organization and the largest certifier of animal welfare in the world… Learn More

United Egg Producers

Leadership by Egg Farmers – For Egg Farmers

Food safety has been and continues to be an important concern of the egg industry. The United Egg Producers have taken a leadership role in helping egg producers assure they are  supplying consumers with a safe, quality product  Learn More


Learn about Farmers & Marketers, School Nutrition/Classroom Eggucation, Buyers Guide, Eggcyclopedia and much much more beneficial information via visiting The American Egg Board’s official website below at aeb.org.

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